Tom pulled strings to get him out of trouble.


At Sandringham, Trevor got to know Teddy, and they got along like a
house on fire. They often hung out together. One night they were at the
mall. Walking past a stationery shop that sold chocolates, they realized
that if they put their arms through the trellis they could reach this
rack of chocolates just inside. After they stole some of them, they
found these were alcohol-filled chocolates. They loved these
alcohol-filled chocolates, so they did this several times. However, One
day, when they were doing this again, they were witnessed by mall cops.
They ran immediately, with mall cops coming at them. At last, Trevor
escaped, but Teddy was arrested for shoplifting. As a result, Teddy was
expelled by school. Teddy told police that another kid wasn’t  Trevor.
The picture on the camera screen wasn’t great, and Trevor’s facial
features were a bit blurry, so they didn’t think it was him.

By the end of high school, Trevor’s tuck-shop business had evolved into
a mini-empire that included selling pirated CDs. He had two middlemen
working for him, Bongani and Tom. And he felt so good as an outsider
that he didn’t even think about dating. In September of grade twelve,
the matric dance was approaching. One day, Tom promised Trevor that he
could get Trevor a beautiful girl to go with Trevor to the dance in
exchange for better pirated CDs. At first,he thought it was just
kidding, but he did meet this beautiful girl. He and the girl were both
shy. As the dance approached, he started getting nervous. He fixed his
hair, bought new clothes and borrowed a car. He was an hour late picking
her up. She was completely pissed off. And he realized she didn’t speak
any English and refused to get off the car. What’s worse, twenty guys
came running out into the parking lot to watch. He felt mortified. So he
never got to go to his matric dance. When the dance ended,he climbed
back into the shitty car and drove home. He took her home and said
goodbye. At last, his awkward and tragic relationship was over.

When Trevor was in grade nine, he got to know Andrew and Bolo. Andrew
and Bolo pirated videogames and sold them at flea markets. He worked as
a middleman for them for a year.  At last, Andrew bequeathed him the CD
writer. So he started his own business. But technology kept evolving,
and he kept reinvesting in the business. Then He made a fortune. With
money, he experienced freedom and fell in love with McDonald’s. When
Bongani and Trevor graduated from high school, they couldn’t get jobs.
Trevor wanted to go to university, but he had no tuition. So Trevor and
his friends earned money by making mix CDs, making party CDs and
throwing DJ parties.

They ran their business in the hood. In any township in South Africa, if
you had a bit of money, people would say, “Oh, you’re a cheese boy.”
Bongani and his crew would never admit to being cheese boys. In the
hood, even if you’re not a criminal, crime is in your life in some way
or another , because there is a very subtle line between civilian and
criminal. For example, some people had to stole things and traded them
for supporting the family. The hood was also a low-stress, comfortable
life, all their mental energy went into getting by. Then Trevor had
stopped planning for school. One day, the cop broke into their DJ party
and finally shot the monitor. Trevor’s all music collection got lost, so
his business was over. They started eating into they savings. All they
had left was the hustle, and they hustled even harder. Then, one evening
after work, his friend came by and sold a camera to him. This time,
after seeing the pictures, he felt guilty. He thought he had stolen
someone’s memories and part of someone’s life. One night, they were
arrested by some cops for a gun which didn’t belong to them. By paying
the money, they were bailed out . At last, they got out and everything
was fine, but it rattled them. 

Finally, Trevor realized he had options to leave here but his friends

pulled his car into a side
street.Tom把车停下上了一样长长的小会。再比如可表示取消,例如,They pulled the

Words and phrases

1.It allows you to exist in a state of suspended animation.

animation 活泼;生气;兴奋;动画片;动画片制作**

例句:He was full of colour and animation.他满魅力,生机勃勃。

suspended animation 假死态;不看人事;蛰伏状态;暂停生命

2.and the next thing you know somebody starts a fight and one of your
friends pulls a gun and somebody’s getting shot





例句:The tractor pulls well.这大拖拉机牵引力大。




例句:Some advertisements have no pull at

辨析:pull oneself together,     pull together


3.I yanked the power cord out of the tower to shut the thing

yank 猛拉;猛拔  相当给暴力的pull

yank at sth猛拉;猛拽    yank sth off猛地拉掉;猛力拽掉

yank sb/sth out; yank sb/sth ‘out of sth

例句:He was yanked out of the house and bundled into a car.


习语     yank sb’s ‘chain (AmE,informal)拿某人开涮; 跟某人开玩笑:

受自家想到pull one’s leg

例句;Did you mean what you said, or were you just yanking my chain?


4.“Spot fine” is the euphemism everyone uses.

Spot fine  a fine (= money you have to pay as a punishment) that is
given to you at the time of breaking the law 当场罚款

5.Then she hung up.

hung up 这里意思:1.挂断电话

别意思 : 2.悬;3.耽搁     

4.(informal)~ (on/about sth/sb)

very worried about sth/sb;老令人担忧

thinking about sth/sb too much怀念得喽多

举例:老友记第九季   Phoebe is completely hung up on Mike. I
mean, she’ll say no..

菲比尚无法忘记麦克。 我思念她会拒绝的。

旧记第二季      I was totally hung up on my own stuff the
other day.


因pull strings是推关系,走后门之意。


Every day we were out in the streets, hustling, trying to act as
if we were in some way down with the gangs, but the truth was we were
always more cheese than hood.

自我直接在思念立刻节的the cheese
any township in South Africa, if you had a bit of money, people would
say, “Oh, you’re a cheese boy.” In essence: You’re not really
because your family has enough money to buy
cheese.好吧,可能就是是与hood孩子的对立统一吧。所以这边的讲话也是这样,和她俩混在一起,然而事实可是more cheese than

I haven’t stolen a camera. I’ve stolen someone’s memories.
I’ve stolen part of someone’s life.


再来说pull on

pull the



这就是说pull sb in就是把人口关进来,看下是例句:We need a publicity stunt
to pull in the crowds.我们得一个宣传噱头把人流吸引过来。

例句:Don’t you ever pull a stunt like that again! 别再那么刷花招了!


现吃大家一个例句,让大家来怀疑一猜测句意,看看会否猜错:I haven’t won,
have I? You are pulling my leg!


复精心一点,我们得以说,Tom raised the gun, and pulled the

那么可以将人关倒也?可以什么!Tom’s problems have really pulled him
down.汤姆遇到了累,他大沮丧。所以pull sb. down是于有人砸或者虚弱。

圈例句,It was widely believed that Tom was seceretly pulling the
strings behind the President. 人们普遍认为汤姆在潜秘密决定在总理。

When the train____, all the school students were surprised to see
that the Carlisle team had one man only.

A. pulled down

B. pulled on

C. pulled off

D. Pulled in


来说pull off

若是假定自身以这短语上加以一个歌词的话语,我定要加the,为什么吧?因为pull the

那么除了呢?也堪。比如,把房子拉倒了,My old school was pulled
down.我的学堂为拆了。所以pull sth. down.表示的凡将某物拆除。


看例子:The city’s reputation for a clean environment has pulled new
residents from other states.

除了前面说之飞跃清除掉衣服,pull off还可表示成功就(困难的工作)The
goalkeeper pulled off six terrific saves.守门员成功扑救了6只险球。

圈例句:Tom knew he could pull any girl he


pull one’s leg字面意思是关某人之下肢,但确实是这么啊?当然不是。

顺这意境,我们得来猜一猜想下面这词话是呀意思:Your Dad is a racing
driver? Pull the other one!


pull是“拉”,down是“下”,所以pull down是“拉下”?可以这么说,比如,pull
down a menu就意味着我们在用计算机时“拉下菜单或列表”。

那么pull in在这种语境中就不得不是“把车起到路边已”的意了。


pull in 的宾语不同,意思为如出一辙不同。来拘禁例句:Tom pulled in a lot of
money from the company.汤姆从那家商店盈利了诸多钱。


When the train____, all the school students were surprised to see
that the Carlisle team had one man only.

A. pulled down

B. pulled on

C. pulled off

D. Pulled in

遵循就词:Tom pulled in to let the ambulance



说到底吧pull in







on 跟在动词后面最核心的一定量起事就是是平等象征“在…上”,一代表“继续”,所以pull
off, down,
up等等这些小品词都可表示通过脱衣服,只是过底方不同而已,pull off
和pull down 是祛除掉衣, pull on 和pull


送您三只戏花招的短语:pull a stunt, pull a trick, pull a joke。

先来说pull down。



off可以象征管车驶离大路,进入便道或就走,或终止。如:We pulled off the
road to get some food.我们驶离大路去摸索点食物。

复比如,The policeman pulled Tom in. 汤姆于警察逮捕了。


遵循,Tom pulled a gun on Jim.